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Caving & Canyoning

Techtonic 10

REF. 1511

10.0 mm diameter semi-static rope suitable for canyoning and caving activities.

Very supple and robust, the Techtonic 10 is ideal for canyoning and caving. Its sheath, which is made from twisted threads, guarantees a strong grip and very high abrasion resistance. Its LongLife treatment provides it with increased durability by protecting it against dust and moisture infiltration.

Very supple and robust rope to guarantee safe caving or canyoning for you

  • For use in caving or canyoning.
  • Very light and supple in the hand.
  • Its construction and diameter guarantee perfect control when descending.
  • Suitable for all levels of club user.

Extended life span, sheath protected against moisture and usage comfort

  • Twisted sheath threads for better grip and higher abrasion resistance.
  • The LongLife treatment enables increased protection against dust and moisture infiltration by impregnating each thread in the sheath individually.
  • Durable over time.

LongLifeRegular tension

   EN 1891

EU DECLARATION Semi-Static Rope Techtonic 10-Ref.1511


 Semi-static rope – Instructions for use 

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Technical specs


Rope type A
Diameter under 10kg load 9,9 mm
Mass/meter under 10kg load 63 g/m
Number of falls 14
Impact force4,7 kN
Static elongation5%
Breaking strength29,3 kN
B/S with figure of 8 knot ≥ 15 kN
% Core 59%
% Cover 41%
Shrinkage to water 2,7%
Sheath slippage0%
Number of plaits 32
Material100% polyamide high tenacity