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Safety ropes for PPE

Pro Forces 8.6 mm

REF. 4017

EN 892


The “Dynamic” ropes must meet the EN892 standard. This standard regulates the technical characteristics expected.
These ropes, which are dedicated to the climbing sector, must first of all have the ability to prevent falls, absorb the energy generated and reduce impact force.

Pro Force Ø 8.6 mm is a safe bet, from a wide range of dynamic ropes, that meet international personal protection equipment standard, CE, EN892, label UIAA , NFPA and so on.
It has a reinforced cover that guarantees high durability and exceptional resistance under intensive use.

Packaging : 60 m to 90 m lengths.


Pro forces-specifications

Density : 1,14.

Non floating.

Advantages :

Reinforced cover for higher durability. 100% high tenacity polyamide, Excellent craftsmanship.

Use :

Safety ropes for personal protection equipment (PPE), work at heights, rescue, military interventions, Climbing walls, sports and leisure activities, leads and so on.

Construction :

Polyamide cabled cores. Reinforced polyamide 32-plait braided cover.

Colors :

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