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Braided cords

Accessory cords & mini reels

Semi-static polyamide cords, 4 to 8 mm diameter.

The light and compact Cousin Trestec semi-static polyamide cords can be used for a whole host of functions. Depending on their diameter, they may be used in a range of applications, for work at heights or even in DIY, in climbing, mountaineering and caving. They are EN 564-certified and comply with the requirements of the UIAA.

The light and compact multi-use, multi-purpose product

  • CE EN564* certified
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Short
  • Easy to knot
  • Multi-purpose use, such as an auxiliary for work at heights, climbing, mountaineering, caving.
  • Enables self-locking knots to be created (Prussik)

Available in lengths of 120 or 200 m.

Component : 100% polyamide.

   EN 564

EU DECLARATION Cords -4mm-Ref.900104

EU DECLARATION Cords-5mm-Ref.900105

EU DECLARATION Cords-6mm-Ref.900106

EU DECLARATION Cords-7mm-Ref.900107

EU DECLARATION Cords-8mm-Ref.900108



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