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High performance textile cables


Textile cable produced essentially from loosely braided black Technora® aramid fibers.
The Technora® aramid fiber provides this rope with exceptional tenacity, stability under load and high temperature resistance qualities.

Its manufacturing process is completed by the application of a polyurethane coating to the very core of the rope, which improves the textile fibers’ abrasion resistance.

All Black-specs

Density : 1,44


Advantages :

  • No elongation under working load for the “run in” rope, no creep under constant tension.
  • Lightness, easy to handle.
  • Good resistance under high temperatures.
  • Safe, does not whip if it breaks.
  • Easy repair by splice or junction graft (on covers recommended depending on the circumstances).

Use :

As replacement for steel cables in the industrial, maritime and agricultural sectors. Potential use for circuses and theatres, but also as winch cables, halyards, events and pulling cables.

Construction :

12-plait hollow braid in black Technora® Impregnated with a Polyurethanebased resin.

Colors :

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