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Rope Access & Rescue

Rope Access & Rescue
Dynamic ropes

Black Magic 10.5

REF. 4751

EN 1891 type A
Single rope designed for intensive climbing. Suitable for indoor and outdoor climbing thanks to its super abrasion resistance.
Its neutral black color makes it ideal for use in all artistic fields and in the performing arts.


  • Slim and supple makes it easy to hold throughout use.
  • Excellent abrasion resistance thanks to 48-spindle braiding.
  • Low impact force for better fall absorption.


200m spools.
Bulk +/- 1600m.

EU DECLARATION – Dynamic rope BLACK MAGIC 10.5 -Ref.4751

  NOTICE – Dynamic rope



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Rope type A simple
Diameter under 10kg load 10,5 mm
Mass/meter under 10kg 69 g/m
Number of falls*9
Impact force8,1 kN
Dynamic elongation34%
Static elongation5,3%
Sheath slippage 26 kN
Knotability 0,89
Sheath slippage0%
Number of plaits 48
Material 100% polyamide high tenacity
Lengths 200m
* Fall factor 2 with a mass of 80kg