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Black Widow 12.2 mm

REF. 1777

EN 1891 type A

100% polyester double braid with a thick sheath offering good abrasion resistance and good grip. Very good dimensional stability.

ø 12.2 mm abseiling rope for arboriculture.

CE EN 1891 Certified.

Splice upon request.



Advantages :

No sheath slippage.
No elongation in time.
Diameter does not increase with water.
New patented splice specially developped for application with descenders (see Rope feed).
Excellent stability and longevity.

Packaging :

5 m to 60 m units or long lengths.

UE DECLARATION – Semi static Black Widow 12.2  -Ref.1777

  NOTICE – Semi-static rope



Colors :

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Technical specs


Diameter under 10 kg12,2 mm
Mass per meter under 10 Kg105 g/m
Number of falls≥ 5
Impact force5.9 kN
Static elongation from 50 to 150 kg2.4 %
Breaking strength≥ 29 kN
Breaking strength with spliced eye≥ 16 kN
Percentage of core41 %
Percentage of sheath59 %
Shrinkage in water0.2 %
Sheath slippage0 %
Sheath number of plaits16 braided plaits