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Bypass sling

Innovative and unique on the market, the bypass sling allows you to easily divert the trunk of the tree to avoid an obstacle.
Very light, this textile sling makes it possible to simplify the maneuvers for an effective installation.

No more need for heavy and expensive pulleys, the bypass sling is used with the friction ring, much lighter and more resistant.
Available for purchase in a “ready to use” version or splice it yourself using the Sequorope cable.

Advantages :

• Quick to set up
• Light
• Adjustable
• Economic
• Excellent resistance to UV and hydrocarbons

Use :

• In forestry use during skidding work, it is used to divert a log.
• Can be used with any type of winch (tractor, 4×4, quad…)
• Making of hauling

Construction :

New 12-plait braiding.
Bi-material mixture very efficient and resistant to heat and breaking.

! Important !

Use a Sequorope textile cable with a smaller or equal diameter to the diameter of the bypass sling!

Download Sequorope leaflet

This leaflet includes, in addition to information on Sequorope, information on:

The soft shackle
The bypass sling
The installation system
The necessary equipment
The guide for making various splices: finishing splice, bosco’s whistle knot, textile shackle splice, branch splice, repair splice

Colors :

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