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Micro lines and threads

CVN cabled threads

REF. 501

3-end cabled thread range, in thermo fixed “Nylon®” polyamide.
Impregnated with a coloured resin which provides excellent knot resistance (anti-slip).
Packaging : 8 tube-spools of 250 gr per box.
Orange colour for greater visibility.


Advantages  :

  • Low elongation under tension, even for polyamide.
  • Exceptional knot resistance.
  • Does not open to cold cut (no brush effect).
  • Good rubbing resistance.
  • Relative thread stiffness, improving use.

Use :

All uses, DIY, packaging, stitching, mail, whipping twine. Certain references comply with NSA Aviation standards.

Construction :

Three twisted ends in thermo fixed and resin-coated polyamide.

Colors :

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