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REF. 615

Dynacabl rope is available in a range of specific diameters: Ø 30 mm to Ø 40 mm.
It is ideal for handling ROVs on ship decks, or anchoring buoys in deep water.

Properties :

Dynacabl textile cable is easy to handle and is very flexible. Very light weight because of the use of HMPE fibres in the core. It is easy to splice.
Good abrasion resistance.
No backlash when ruptured.

Use :

Towing cable, dock and manoeuvring lines, anchor lines…

Construction :

High modulus HMPE fibre with loosely woven braided core (high modulus polyethylene). Intermediate translucent polyurethane film: a layer protecting the core from aggressive particles, sand, mud, micro-organism.
Thick braided cover, multifilament polyester fabric.

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