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High performance textile cables


REF. 013

The high modulus polyethylene Dynalight textile cable is certainly one of our most resistant rope. Composed of new generation HMPE fibers, this rope presents exceptional mechanical characteristics. It is highly effective as a towing, mooring or lifting cable.

It provides a perfect replacement for steel cables in applications which are often highly restrictive.
The HMPE fibers which make up this Dynalight rope are impregnated with a polyurethane-based resin during an exclusive manufacturing process. This operation significantly improves the rope’s lifetime and its abrasion resistance.

Dynalight may be delivered in long lengths, with or without end loop.
It is available as a special version with HDI (Flex fatigue) treatment.

Dynalight HMPE_specifications

Density : 0,97


Advantages :

  • Resistance close to that of steel cables.
  • Easy to handle and comfortable to use. Light. Anti-rotation.
  • Non-magnetic, insensitive to corrosion, bad weather and chemicals.
  • Easy winding on winch drum. Silent when used.
  • Does not attack pulleys or winches.
  • Very safe, if it breaks there is no whip effect and little risk of hand injuries.
  • Easy to repair, quick and easy splice even on site.

Colors :

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