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HMPE textile cables for winches


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12 plaits hollow braid made of high modulus polyethylene fibers impregnated with a colored resin that significantly improves longevity and resistance to friction. The DYNALIGHT textile cable is an excellent replacement for the steel cable in a large number of applications.

Benefits :

High safety, little whip effect in case of break, no risk of hand injury as with a worn steel cable. Easy use and comfortable handling. Easy and quick splicing repair on site if necessary. The cable keeps operating.
Easy winding on the winch drum. No need for a sophisticated winding system.
Increased longevity.

Use :

Towing cable, docking, slinging, rigging. Can be used to make opening shackles, loops or lashing…

Construction :

Hollow braid 12-plait, impregnated with a high modulus polyethylene based solution (HMPE).
Full impregnation with a coloured polyurethane solution.

Also available in Dynalight Pro SK78 or Dynalight Pro SK99.

Dynalight HMPE

Efficient and economical. Braided rope of great flexibility, excellent resistance to numerous and restrictive flexions.


Dynalight Pro SK78

A more sophisticated version. The Dynalight Pro SK78® has the exceptional qualities of Dyneema® fiber in terms of both toughness and abrasion resistance. Warm pre-stretching, applied to this version, significantly improves stability under load by decreasing elongation.


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