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High performance textile cables


100 % polyester cover ref. 612 or Technora® mixte cover ref. 613.

The cover version of the Dynalight Pro SK78® 12-plait braided textile cable, this rope is made up of a Dyneema SK78® high modulus polyethylene fiber central core. During the braided core manufacturing process, a hot stretching operation stabilizes this main component effectively, stiffens it and significantly reduces its elongation under tension.

The Dyneema® fibers are impregnated with a polyurethane-based resin. This resin significantly improves the product’s lifespan.
A cover made from 100 % high tenacity polyester or a special mix of polyester and Technora® is braided directly onto this core.

This cover protects and compacts the Dyneema® braided core. A mixed polyester / Technora® aramid cover must be used during operations with winches which may cause rope slipping risks and generate heating under loads. In general, any use which requires a rope with a reinforced cover.

Dynasty Pro SK78® may be delivered in long lengths, with or without end loop.

Dynasty Pro-specifications

Density : 1,15.

Non floating.

Advantages :

  • Resistance close to that of steel cables. Practically no elongation under working load.
  • Easy winding on winch drum. Silent when used.
  • Does not attack pulleys or winches.
  • Very safe, if it breaks there is no whip effect and little risk of hand injuries.
  • High breaking strength.

Use :

As replacement for steel cables. Industrial and maritime sectors. Winch, sling and other cables.

Construction :

PU impregnated Dynalight Pro SK78 12-plait braided core. 100 % polyester 24-plait cover or mixed polyester/Technora® cover.

Colors :

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