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Rope Access & Rescue

Rope Access & Rescue
Semi-static ropes

Safety Pro 12,5 mm Ref. 1445

REF. 1445

EN 1891 type A

The Safety Pro 12,5 mm is a semi-static rope.
Recommended for harsh work and heavy duty.

Advantages :

Excellent grip and highest mechanical features.

Packaging :

Standard 200 m reel.

Colors :

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Technical specs


Diameter12,5 mm
Weight96,5 g/m
Core percentage61 %
Sheath percentage39 %
Number of falls> 20
Impact force560 daN
Number of strands40
Static elongation2,8 %
Breaking strength4 150 daN
Breaking strength (with figure of 8 knot)> 1 500 daN
Shrinkage in water3,5 %
Component100% polyamide high tenacity