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Tubular Webbing

REF. 7132

26 mm-wide polyester tubular webbing.

Robust and durable, the 26 mm tubular webbing is made from high resistance polyester. Each visible marker line represents a breaking resistance of at least 5 kN. This multi-use webbing is suitable for producing protective clothing, harnesses, fastening clips and to produce relays or protection points.

 The multi-use tubular polyester webbing will assist you in your climbing and mountaineering activities or to produce protection equipment.

EC EN 565-certified

26 mm width

16.2 kN traction force

  • Robust and durable
  • More supple than flat webbing
  • Secure a relay or a climber’s progress
  • To create protection points (straps around posts, shafts, crescents, abalakov)

Available in lengths of 100 m reels.

   EN 565

EU declaration of conformity ref. 7132

Colors :

Technical specs


Weight37,3 g/m
Breaking strength16,2 kN
Component100 % polyester