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Number of falls


Impact force

570 daN


74,9 g/m

Semi-static ropes

Safety Intervention aramid 11 mm Ref. 1580

REF. 1580

EN 1891 type A

Semi-static rope Ø 11 mm.
Reinforced sheath.

Application :

Fast intervention from helicopter. Dedicated to highly experienced staff.
Very careful maintenance is recommended: visual inspection and checks on a regular basis, careful storage protecting from UV, limited lifespan.

Packaging :

200 m reels, 60 m or 70 m precut lengths.

Colors :

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Technical specs


Type A
Diameter11,1 mm
Weight74,9 g/m
Core percentage41,1 %
Sheath percentage58,9 %
Number of falls5
Impact force570 daN
Static elongation3,2 %
Number of strands32
Breaking strength3 600 daN
Shrinkage in water1,8 %
ComponentTechnora® sheath, polyamide core