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Safety ropes for PPE


Ref. 1425, 1435 and 1445

Safety ropes for the climbing sector and for working at heights.
The Safety Pro 1425, 1435 and 1445 references are the key products in a wide range of diverse and varied standardised ropes.
Very light and easy to handle, they have been the market’s reference products for many years.

These ropes are available with the “Thermocore” option, a process which involves fusing the cover and the core and so eliminating any slipping effect between these two components.
Standard presentations in 200-meter coils or in 800 and 1000-meter boxes.

Semi static ropes

Density : 1,14.

Non floating.

Advantages :

  • CE ropes.
  • Technical values generally much higher than the values in standard EN 1891.
  • Highly reliable and durable.
  • Economical and light (see version 1425 in particular).
  • 100 % high tenacity polyamide, excellent craftsmanship.

Use :

Safety ropes for personal protection equipment (PPE), work at heights, rescue, military interventions, zip lines, leads.

Construction :

Polyamide cabled cores. Polyamide 32-plait braided cover.

Colors :

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