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Soft Shackle

The Dyneema® fiber textile opening shackle can be used very easily thanks to its detachable end.
In comparison with the steel shackle, it is lighter, does not corrode and is silent when used.

It does not damage the support on which it is placed, whether a boat deck or a 4×4 chassis.

Soft shackle-specifications

Density : 0,97.


Use :

All uses, replacement for shackles and snap hooks.

Industry, maritime, sailing and other sectors, Events, Rescue, 4×4,
towing… Take account of a safety coefficient to be applied according to the specific usage features.

Advantages :

Easy to handle. No noise when used, light. Excellent UV and rubbing resistance.

Construction :

100 % braided Dyneema®.

Colors :

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