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Supercouloir 8.0

REF. 4080

Corde à doubleCorde jumelée

8.0 mm diameter double and twin rope adapted to climbing on long rocky routes, ice or mountains, with StopAqua hydrophobic treatment.

Fine, light and durable, the Supercouloir 8,0 mm is highly multi-purpose, for use in the mountains, on long routes or on glaciers. Its StopAqua treatment, which complies with the UIAA Water repellent 101 standard, protects it from taking in too much moisture when used in extreme conditions.  It benefits from Cousin Trestec’s new Techtouch technology which makes it pleasant to touch and extremely fluid and durable.

Highly multi-purpose for use all year round

  • Very light and small diameter.
  • For use in the mountains, on long routes or glaciers.
  • Can be used as double or twin rope.

Increased protection against moisture infiltration

  • StopAqua treatment: – Hydrophobic treatment of the core and the sheath which gives the rope high protection against water and dirt infiltration and increases its abrasion resistance.
  • Complies with the requirements in the UIAA Water repellent 101 standard (water absorption less than 5 %).
  • Ideal rope for frequent use in wet and hostile conditions.
  • Increases safety by making the rope easier to handle for descenders and belayers in water environments.

More fluidity and longer life span

  • Benefits from Techtouch technology: new polyamide retraction technology which makes the rope pleasant to touch and extremely fluid and durable over time, while removing the slippage effect of the sheath on the core of the rope.
  • Middle of the rope marked (MiddleMarking) for safer climbing at the head or in abseiling and to facilitate manoeuvres.

TechTouchstopaquaRegular tensionMiddle Marking

   EN 892


EU DECLARATION Dynamic rope Supercouloir 8-Ref.4080

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Technical specs


Diameter8 mm
Weight44 g/m
Sheath percentage38.6 %
Number of plaits40
Knot suppleness0.93
Breaking strength19 kN
Material100 % Polyamide

Supercouloir specs