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Textils connectors and accessories


The Dyneema® textile fiber ring loops replaces steel shackles and snap hooks. In comparison with these metal accessories,
it saves a significant amount of weight and provides exceptional handling. It does not damage the support on which it is placed, whether a boat deck, a vehicle chassis, a bearer structure or a marquee.

It is generally used as a safety link for a pulley by ensuring it is always maintained in a perfectly straight traction line.

Loop Dyneema-specifications

Density : 0,97.


Advantages :

No noise when used, light. Excellent UV and rubbing resistance.

Use :

All uses, replacement for shackles and snap hooks. Industry, maritime, sailing and other sectors, Events, Rescue, 4x4, towing…

Construction :

100 % Dyneema® multi-braided covers.

Colors :

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