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Thermocore 8.5

REF. 1436

8.5 mm diameter semi-static rope suitable for expert caving activities.

Ultra fine and very light, the Thermocore 8.5 is the rope for cavers who don’t want to compromise on their performance. The Thermocore technology removes the slippage effect from the sheath. Its LongLife treatment provides it with increased durability by protecting it against dust and moisture infiltration.

Very fine and light rope for expert caving

  • Suitable for caving operations under difficult conditions.
  • Very light and low diameter to limit size during long explorations.
  • Supple and easy to handle.

Extended life span, sheath protected against moisture and usage comfort

  • LongLife treatment enabling increased protection against dust and moisture infiltration by impregnating each thread in the sheath individually.
  • ThermoCore technology which removes the slippage effect of the sheath over the core and so increases safety.

LongLifethermocoreRegular tension

   EN 1891

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Technical Specs


Type B
Diameter8,5 mm
Weight52 g/m
Number of falls6
Impact force4,1 kN
Static elongation2,3 %
Dynamic elongation29,4 %
Sheath percentage45 %
Breaking strength20,8 kN
Component100 % polyamide