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Fibre glass rods BY Cousin Composites


The Tiratec rod stands out thanks to its high form memory, its ability to accommodate many large curves and its exceptional axial breaking strength.
Perfectly smooth on the surface, unlike the Jitec version, the Tiratec rod will slide easily inside ducts, covers or tubes.
The Tiratec rod is insensitive to most chemicals and atmospheric agents. It may be used for many years.

Generally delivered in long, wooden reels of several thousand metres, it may be cut with an electric or hand saw.

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Density : 1,9.

Coloris :

Jonc tiratec

Advantages :

Low elongation under tension. Good flexural strength. Good rubbing resistance. Light weight compared to steel.

Use :

All uses in industrial, agricultural and maritime sectors, frames for greenhouses, tents, pulling needles, luggage, reinforcement, stakes, matting, composite structure reinforcement.

Construction :

Fibre glass/polyester resin under coloured polypropylene cover.

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