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Top Rock 11

REF. 4934

EN 892


Dynamic” ropes must comply with EN 892. This standard regulates the technical characteristics required.

These ropes, dedicated to vertical climbing, must above all be capable of absorbing falls, absorbing the energy generated and reducing the force of impact.

Top Rock 11 mm single rope offers exceptional hold in intensive use. Its technical values are generally well above the EN892 standard.

Standard presentation in 200 m spools.
Bulk +/- 600 m.

Density: 1.14.

Highlights :

Reinforced sheath for longer life.

Applications :

Safety ropes for personal protective equipment (PPE), work at height, rescue, military interventions, climbing walls, sports and leisure, lanyards.


100% high-tenacity polyamide.


UE DECLARATION Dynamic rope Top Rock 11 -Ref.4934

  NOTICE Dynamique rope



Colors :

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Rope type A simple
Diameter under 10kg load 11 mm
Mass/meter under 10kg load 73 g/m
Number of falls* 11
Impact force 8,5 kN
Static elongation from 50 to 150kg 33,1%
Dynamic elongation from 50 to 150kg 6,5%
Breaking strength 24,6 kN
% Core 61,6%
% Cover 38,4%
Knotability 0,76
Sheath slippage -0,2%
Number of plaits 32
Material100% polyamide high tenacity
Lengths 200m
* Fall factor 2 with a mass of 80kg