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Vectraline (VECTRAN®)

Vectraline is a unique range of braids made from Vectran™ fibers. Cousin Trestec supplies its range of Vectraline since more than 15 years.

Material :

Vectran™ (liquid crystal polymer)

Construction  :

12 and 16 plaits braids, UV protect PU coating


Properties :

  • High breaking strength
  • Good resistance to abrasion
  • Very low elongation
  • Dimensional stability

Standard color : orange. Other colors available upon request and under conditions. Further infos on demand.


A word about the fiber

Vectran™ is Kuraray’s high-performance multifilament yarn spun from liquid crystal polymer. The fiber is five times stronger than steel and offers a unique combination of outstanding properties.

Applications of the yarn

Vectran™ is used in a wide range of applications. Protecting fixed shore nets from sea lions, tension members of various types, sling belts, window screen cords, envelopes for airships, safety materials, nets for separating spectators at sports events, rubber belt reinforcement, sports equipment, canoeing, paragliding, geogrid, rope, course rope, etc.

Characteristics of the yarn

  • Dimensional stability
  • High-strength (the fiber is five times stronger than steel)
  • Cut/shearing resistance
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Shock absorption (absorbs the energy of shocks, and its composites show high resistance to compressive and bending stress)
  • Low moisture absorption (minimal moisture absorption, as well as no loss of tenacity or change in dimensions when wet)
  • Abrasion resistance (improved resistance to fiber-to-fiber abrasion and wear from bending)
  • Vibration damping (quickly absorbs vibrations)

Colors :

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