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Indoor climbing

Wall Expert 10

REF. 3210

10.0 mm diameter single rope perfect for indoor use, with LongLife and TechTouch treatment. Suitable for beginners and experienced climbers alike. Double braid with a very good breaking strength core, for more security.

Lightweight, flexible & easy to use 

  • The sheath and the core are retracted in a single operation, which gives a perfect balance to the rope.
  • Use in climbing gym.
  • Ideal for beginners and experienced climbers alike.

Sustainable fluidity over time

  • Benefits of Techtouch technology: new polyamide retraction technology which makes the rope pleasant to touch and extremely fluid and durable over time, while removing the slippage effect of the sheath on the core of the rope.

Longer life span, sheath protected against moisture and usage comfort

  • The LongLife treatment enables increased resistance against dust and moisture infiltration by impregnating each thread in the sheath individually.
  • Middle of the rope marked (MiddleMarking) for safer climbing at the head or in abseiling and to facilitate manoeuvres.

LongLifeTechTouchRegular tensionMiddle Marking


   EN 892


DECLARATION UE  Corde dynamique Wall Expert 10 – Ref. 3210

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Diameter10 mm
Weigh66 g/m
Sheath percentage35 %
Number of falls8
Impact force8,5 kN
Number of plaits32
Dynamic elongation33 %
Static elongation4,7 %
Knot suppleness 0.90