New polyamide retraction technology offering a pleasant touch and giving the cord excellent longterm fluidity. This new technology allows better cohesion between the core and the sheath of the rope.


ThermoCore EN

The ThermoCore is a process that involves fusing the sheath and the core of the rope by heatfusion in order to remove the “sock” effect. This method confers the rope an exceptional breaking strength, limited internal abrasion and slippage.


StopAqua EN

Hydrophobic treatment of the core and sheath, which limits the moisture absorption and increases the resistance to abrasion. This treatment offers a high protection of the rope against the water infiltration through the polymerization technique.


Environnemental Contribution EN

Polyamide materials are recycled, reused. A responsible and honest approach.


MiddleMarking EN

Marking of the middle of the rope by black line. Sustainable and practical when preparing an abseiling, hoisting a rope or simply evaluate the remaining length of rope.


RegularTension EN

Exclusive process of optimizing the mechanical characteristics of each polyamide thread during the braiding operation and of each component used in the manufacture of our climbing ropes.


LongLife EN

Impregnation process of each individual sheath component that significantly improves the resistance of the rope to dust, moisture and abrasion in classical usage. First line of defense against external aggression, this treatment provides excellent durability.


Aramgrip Cover system EN

Thanks to our experience with the best sailors, we have developed a sharing heat process which gives a perfect grip to the rope. The mix of the fibres between the low and high melting point allows a perfect spread of the heat. This process retains the abrasive resistance of high tenacity polyester.


CFI1100 EN

Process of fibres treatment. The CFI1100 is an impregnation of the small fibres with a coating resulting in a 20% decrease of internal abrasion. The life of the fibres is increased by the well balanced construction & smooth finish.


CC-Cohesion system EN

Intermediate stitch in high resistance discontinuous polyester. Braided fibres under tension which decreases the slipping of the cover on the core to maximize cohesion.



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